Padang Bukittinggi

                                          Padang city

The city of Bukittinggi (Minang language: Bukiktinggi, Jawi, بوكيق تيڠڬي) is the second largest city in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. [2] The city was once the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia. [3] The city has also been the capital of the province of Sumatra and the province of Central Sumatra. [4] This city in the Dutch colonial era called Fort de Kock and earned the nickname as Parijs van Sumatra. Bukittinggi is known as the nation's struggle city and is the birthplace of some of the founding figures of the Republic of Indonesia, among them Mohammad Hatta and Assaat who are both proclaimers and officials of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The city of Bukittinggi lies in a series of Bukit Barisan Mountains or about 90 km north of Padang City. The city is located on the edge of the Sianok Gorge and is surrounded by two mountains namely Mount Singgalang and Mount Marapi. Its location at an altitude of 909-941 meters above sea level makes Bukittinggi a cool air with temperatures ranging from 16.1 to 24.9 ° C. The area of ​​Bukittinggi de jure is 145.29 km², referring to Government Regulation No. 84 of 1999. [5] But de facto today, Bukittinggi is still an area of ​​25.24 km ² because some people of Agam Regency refuse to expand the area.

The city of Bukittinggi is one of the largest wholesale trade centers on the island of Sumatra. The main trading center is in Ateh Market, Under Market, and Aur Kuning Market. From the economic sector, Bukittinggi is the second largest PDRB city in West Sumatra, after Kota Padang. [6] Bukittinggi is also known as a leading tourist and sister city (sister city) with Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Tourist spots are crowded visited Jam Gadang, which is an hour tower located in the heart of the city as well as a symbol for Bukittinggi.


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