The first band in the world

                                                              The Tielman Brothers

The Tielman Brothers is the oldest musical group in Indonesia, the musical journey began in Surabaya in 1945, where they were brothers and sisters. It was the first Dutch band in Indonesia to enter the International in 1950. The flow of their music was rock and roll but the Dutch people used to call Indorock, a blend of Indonesian music with the West and has the roots of keroncong.

But unfortunately The Tielman Brothers is more famous in Europe especially in the Netherlands, because they migrated and settled in Breda, the Netherlands in 1957. The move was made because Herman Tielman, father and manager of Tielman brothers, believes that the future of his children is more secure in The country of the windmill. In fact, they were offered a chance to tour throughout Indonesia, provided they changed their citizenship from the Netherlands to Indonesia. In Indonesia alone the band name The Tielman Brothers sounds foreign.

The Tielman Brothers is believed to have introduced rock music long before The Beatles, even they are believed to have popularized the attraction of guitar playing with gear, behind the body long before Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. It is said, Paul McCartney was admired the band and inspired The Tielman Brothers before The Beatles famous in the early 1960s. Understandably, The Tielman Brothers had performed rock n roll songs long before The Beatles appeared. When The Beatles first gig in Germany, the British band was able to see the performance of The Tielmans Brothers who gig with Hofner Violin bass. And that's when for the first time Paul sees Bass Violin Hofner. Andy Tielmans the guitarist wears a special Fender Jazz Master 10 strings. Fender deliberately sent his representative to Germany at that time to design the guitar for Andy Tielmans.

Dedication and innovation Andy is very influential for the development of Dutch pop culture brought the title of The Godfather of Dutch Rock & Roll, The Uncrowned King of Indorock, and the award of the Order of


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