The Legend of the Stone, The Story of a Man
Swallowed by a Stone

I used to write about some legends in Aceh. There is a legend about the origin of the pasai pasai pasai (read: the origin of the pasca pasai) the legend about the origin of the island of sabang (read: the story of the origin of Sabang Island) And some other legends (read: legend of Aceh). On this occasion I will write a story about the stone legend "or part" here's the story ..,

This legend comes from the Gayay Plateau. The beginning of the story is that at that time there was one family whose economic conditions were so bad. The family has little land that can not afford to support the family. In addition the family also has two goats but is thin because of lack of food
Because of these circumstances, this family tried to meet the needs by fishing in krung peusangan. The poor farmer's family has two children. The eldest was 8 years old and the youngest was 1 year old. One day the eldest was asked by his father to go to go the goat in the forest so that the goat plays fat because the next day will be sold to the market but the eldest livestock mengembalakan its far away location.
The eldest slept under a tree and when it woke up it was late afternoon. The goat has no idea where it exists. When returning to his father's house asked where his eldest goat goats replied goat to the river. The father was angry and saddened finally the father went to the forest to see the trap he installed to ensnare the bird the other day.
It turned out that the entangled is a piglet. The father also held him for immediate take home. Suddenly a bush in front of him unfolded and two black shadows appeared to invade the farmer. Have not had time to do something the farmer has been bleeding with blood. It turned out that the two pigs were very angry because his son was arrested. The farmer tried to fight back by pulling his machete. But unlucky, when his machete was swung into the body of a boar, his machete was broken into two. The pig became increasingly ferocious. The farmer rode in the pigs but when the farmer leaped a small stream he slipped and fell with his head knocked on the rock. Killed the farmer unnoticed by his wife and children.
Meanwhile at home the farmer's wife is scolding the eldest for having thrown away the last handful of rice that his family owns. Having no more food to eat, the farmer's wife disowned the eldest to sell the pots they had for sale. Instead of obeying the wishes of the parents but instead grumbling and slamming the pot to break. The eldest mother was even more angry. At that time a neighbor came to announce that her husband was found dead in the forest. What a broken wife and crying while hugging the eldest. The oldest mother went to the front of a large rock, usually called a stone. Once there the mother was singing "stone stones cupped, my heart would be miserable, stone stones cupped, take me as well".
That is the story of the stones that are currently still in the high flat gayo. Although only a legend but give a message to us that it is fitting we are filial to our parents and do not occasionally make our parents angry.
Suddenly a strong wind was blowing and the big rock opened. After the mother sisulung it went into the stone that has been open it. After that the stone was docked again. Sisulung who saw the incident was crying loudly and called his mother by promising will not be naughty anymore. But the procession is late, her mother has disappeared swallowed.


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