Can be classified in different sub genres of electro-house music. The style with which he started, he described it as influenced by the hip-hop underground scene. Between 2005 and 2006, he developed his style more commercially and over time, his production increasingly varied based on a combination of Tech House and Dirty German. Around 2008 his songs became slower and more commercial. In parallel, he experimented with elements from other genres. During that time, he came up with a build-up, which is very similar to the large space genre that has appeared many years later. With the release of the single "Feel So High" in 2009, he published a tech-house song relating to the classical progressive house, which was dying, especially at the time. 

In early 2010 he joined the growing EDM genre and improved his talent in production with singles such as "Move It 2 ​​The Drum" or "Asteroid". 2011 appeared his first successful single in the electro house with "Zero 76" and "Encoded". With "Spaceman", he co-founded the big room scene in 2012 and built himself permanently in this subgenre. [99] One year later the single "Apollo" and "Never Say Goodbye", which gave him a place in the style of a modern progressive home. By 2015 its singles can only be classified in these two areas.

Hardwell (2013)

In his studio album "United We Are", he uses a trance-characteristic of trans music for the first time for his song "Echo" and also the sound of Deep House for "Birds Fly". Overall he gets very positive feedback for the production. In addition, the Chameleon follows a song in the Jungle-Terror style, followed by a W & W "Get Down" number. For the first time since "Do not Stop the Madness", "Hollywood" embodied a song corresponding to Dirty-German music in the spring of 2016 alongside a previously unpublished production with KURA from the Trap music section.

Starting in 2015, the synthesis is increasingly oriented towards hardstyle samples. His Headhunterz collaboration "Nothing Can Hold Us Down" was created based solely on hardstyle sound. Also the solo production of "Run Wild" and "What We Need" contains many features of this genre. He also presented the song "Wake Up Call" at the Largest Guest List Festival in Mumbai, initially suspected of being a long-awaited collaboration with Hardstyler Atmozfears, but ultimately confirmed by Hardwell as a solo production. [100]

Since 2016 he has not only played a hard drop as the final set, but in the last "I-Am-Hardwell" show at Hockenheimring in Germany, even eight individual titles. On the show, he aired his collaboration with Atmozfears as well and hardly any of the characteristics of his large room style. It is also a collaboration with newcomers Hardstyle Dr. Phunk, presented at the end of 2016. He switched to the raw style with the song. His single "No Holding Back", was his first move to the British garage. The song represents elements of the Deep and Tech House scene as well for the first time since he released his Funkerman-Collab "Where Is Here Now".

On January 7, 2017, he released the song "Party till the Daylight", a production in Bass House style, which made Hardwell debut in this genre. [101] At the Ultra Music Festival, he aired his debut "Future Bass" with the song "Creatures of the Night


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