10 These Animals Said Can See the Subtle Creatures

                 10 These Animals Said Can See the Subtle Creatures

10. Horses

Perhaps many people do not know that horses can sense the existence of spirits. But sometimes horses like to behave strangely without any particular reason. It is believed that the horse is seeing the figure of a spirit.

When at night, if you see a horse suddenly can not stay still and look restless and like to make a sound, it could be that moment there are spirits who are passing.

9. Lizard

Who would have thought a small animal this one was able to see the figure of a spirit. Cicak is still believed to have many myths by Indonesian people up to now. One of them lizards can show the existence of spirits like kuntilanak. In addition, if a lizard suddenly enters a room while it beeps, it could mean there are spirits there.

8. Wolves

Wolves are indeed a type of wild animal that lives in the forest that he said can also see the spirits. A creepy story also enveloped the wolf that shook during the full moon. He said the sound is a sign of the coming of spirits.

If you hear the sound of wolves shooting at night, it could be a spirits are wandering outside.

7. Goose

Ghosts who are familiar in the ears of Indonesia is kuntilanak. It is said that kuntilanak likes to look like a beautiful woman or an animal that one of them goose. Many people believe that if there is a swan roaming at night, it is a kuntilanak figure in disguise.

Also when the swans make a sound at night, there could be a figure of the spirits around the goose.

6. Fireflies

Many people will surely assume that firefly is a beautiful animal because it can give off light that flickers. However, behind the beauty of the animal, there is a creepy story that is owned by fireflies.

Fireflies are regarded as evil incarnate figures or nails of the dead. If there's a bunch of fireflies at night, it could mean there are spirits.

5. Gecko

Have you ever heard gecko sounds? The sound of geckos can mean that there are spirits around the sound of the gecko came from. In addition geckos are considered as animals associated with witchcraft. Believe?

4. Rooster

Rooster or often we are familiar with the title cock he said can also see the spirits. In addition, rooster also often crowed before the morning came. So what if the roosters like crowing at midnight or early morning? He said the chicken was seeing a spirited creature.

The most famous myth when a rooster crows at midnight or early morning is the chicken is looking at the angel figure.

3. Crows

Crows do have a scary story. In addition to being a vulture bird, crows can also be linked with a sign of death. Other birds are also associated with the spirits of owls and birds of dares.

2. Dogs

Because of his friendly and funny attitude, many people choose dogs as pets. Sometimes if there is danger coming, the dog can feel it and then he barks as a sign.

But if the dog suddenly teases at night, he may not feel the danger but he sees the figure of a spirit.

1. Black cat

Black cats are considered a mythical creature in several European countries. But not a few who mention that the cat as a lucky animal. In Europe black cats are always associated with witches. In addition, the black cat passing through the corpse is considered a bad omen.

Whether or not all the mysteries of the animals are true or not is important, we can realize that the spirits really exist as a sign of God's power.


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