8 Most Wizened Sins to Husbands

                                  8 Most Wizened Sins to Husbands

Ummi's friend, as a wife we often unconsciously commit sinful acts against husbands, even assuming that sin is an ordinary thing. Though heaven and hell wife is on the ridho of her husband.

Hopefully 10 lists of sins most often done by this wife we can avoid to the furthest from the husbands hatred and curse of God:

1. Disregard the good of the husband

"Hell is shown to me and I see most of the inhabitants are women, they are kufr."

The Sahabahs asked: "Is it caused their kufr to Allah

The apostle replied: "(No), they kufr to their husbands and they kufr to the good. If a husband of you does good to his wife for a year, then his wife sees something ugly in her husband, then he says, 'I have never seen good for you though.' "

2. Disrespect the husband's family

A husband should be gentle to his wife, but even so the wife must be gentle to the husband's family, especially the husband's parents. Do not let the wife monopolize her husband so that even her mother and father can not get their right to her son.

In a saheeh hadeeth, it is narrated that Aishah Ra asked the Messenger of Allah, "Who is entitled to a woman?"

The Messenger of Allah replied, "Her husband" (when married). Aishah Ra asked again, "Who is entitled to a man?" The Messenger of Allah replied, "His mother" (Muslim)

A friend, Jabir Ra recounts: One day a man came to the Messenger of Allah (SAW), he said, "O Messenger of Allah, I have possessions and children, and what if my father wants (ask) my treasure?

The Messenger of Allah replied, "You and your possessions belong to your father". (Narrated by Ibn Majah and At-Thabrani)

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3. Exit the house without husband's permission

Including traveling far without being accompanied by mahramnya.

"A woman should not travel except with a mahram."

The above hadith concerns all forms of safar. You know. (Syarh Muslim: 9/103, with slight changes)

4. Refuse a husband's invitation to relate

Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: "When a man takes his wife to his bed and then refuses to come then the man sleeps last night in a state of anger at him, then he cursed by angels until dawn." (Narrated by Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim)

5. Berias not for husband

"And stay in your house and do not decorate and behave like those of the former ignorant ..." (Surat al-Ahzaab: 33)

6. Reveals her kindness to her husband

Not a few wives who bring up the goodness or even degree of himself in front of her husband so that hurts and demeans her husband, this is a very big thing sin.

Abu Dharr, may Allah be pleased with him, reported that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, "There are three groups of people where God will not speak and will not see them on the Day of Judgment. He does not purify them and for them a painful punishment. "

Abu Dhar, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said it three times." Then Abu Dhar said, "Who are those losers, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "The man who thrusts his scabbard down the ankle ( Isbal), the person who likes to bring up his goodness and the person who likes to swear false when selling. "[HR. Muslim]

7. Disobedient to the husband (nusyuz)

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "Nusyuz is to abandon the command of the husband, to oppose him and to hate him" (Tafsir Al Qur'an Al 'Azhim, 4: 24).

"Those women whom ye fear for their nushuz, then counsel them and separate them in their beds, and beat them. Then if they obey you, then do not look for a way to trouble him. Verily Allah is Most High and Most High "(Surat An Nisa ': 34)


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