Falls from Elevation

In some cases, this is also quite effective. But the offender should fall from a height of more than 20 meters or the equivalent of a 5-story building. Also undertaken flooring is made of hard materials, such as cement or concrete. Floors of soil, water, rivers, or grass, let alone that there is a tree should be avoided because it is elastic and dampen the impact. That makes it troublesome, to be effective the offender should fall with the head position below. This position is very difficult especially for people who are not trained to go free. The head weight is lighter than the body so the head is likely to be pushed upwards at the time of hovering.

Incomplete position when plunging causes the perpetrator does not die instantly when falling on the ground floor, often found the perpetrator is still breathing 1 to 10 minutes after the fall. Often encountered the perpetrators are still trying to move his body, groaning, even yelling even if the bones are crushed, and this would be very painful. More pain if it turns out the perpetrator fell from a height that is not much, usually only certain broken bones and organs his body is still normal. Because not dead then the perpetrators will soon be helped by the people around him. The next story can be guessed, a very long pain will the perpetrator feel when hospitalized. Not imagine not hurt if it fails!


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