Beginning of the establishment of Honda company begins the birth of a child named Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906 in Iwatagun (now Tenrryu City) is isolated in Shizuoka prefecture. The Chubu area is between Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara on Honshu Island which was originally full of neat tea plants, which were cultivated with tasty strawberries. But now the birthplace of Honda has been swallowed Hamamatsu is the largest city in the province.

His father was named Gihei Honda a blacksmith who turned into a bicycle repair shop entrepreneur, while his mother was named Mika, Soichiro was the eldest of nine siblings, but only four made it to adulthood. Others died in childhood due to a lack of medication and also the result of a shabby environment.

Although Gihei Honda is poor, he likes renewal. When a Western cigarette pipe emerged, he did not hesitate to replace his crooked traditional cigarette pipe, no matter how neighbors found it strange. Apparently that trait and also his skill of handling the engine decreased in his eldest son.

Before going to school Soichiro was happy, helping his father in the iron workshop. He is also very fascinated to see and hear the grinding machine of rice mill located a few kilometers from his village.

In school his performance is low. Honda admits his remarks are bad. He does not like to read, whereas making it very difficult. Not infrequently he skipped. "Even now I am more efficient to learn from TV than from reading. If I read, nothing sticks in the brain, "he said.

When it was fifth and sixth grade, Soichiro's talent stood out in the field of science. Although at that time only a dozen years, but in science classes in Japan have been raised objects such as batteries, scales, test tubes and machines. Soichiro easily grasped the teacher's information and easily answered the teacher's question.

Some time before that, for the first time Soichiro saw the car. "At that time I forgot everything. I chased the car and managed to snag a moment behind him. When the car stopped, the lubricant dripped to the ground. I kiss the soil that was dampened. Perhaps my behavior is exactly like a dog. Then I applied the lubricant to my hands and arms.

Maybe at that moment in my heart arises the desire to someday make your own car. Since then there are sometimes cars coming to our village. Every time I hear the roar of a car, I run into the street, no matter at that moment I am carrying a sister. "

Soichiro had only been in school for ten years. After graduating from elementary school, the bad boy was sent to a junior high school in Futumata not far from his residence. Graduated from high school he went home to his father's house. Gihei Honda has gone from being a blacksmith to a bicycle workshop entrepreneur. Gihei Honda had The World of Wheels magazine Soichiro read with interest.

In the magazine a car workshop from Tokyo advertises for employees. Soichiro hastened to apply and he was accepted. Although his father was worried, Soichiro was taken to the big city.

Honda could hardly believe his ears Honda felt that waiting to be called to be a mechanic was really the hardest test of fortitude he had ever faced in his life. In the days after that he was no longer afraid to face any obstacles thanks to the fortitude he gained during being a chunk.

Honda, who during his career did not know much about money, only got a little profit in that first year. But Honda felt lucky because the workshop was a success. He decided to save and estimate during his tenure would be able to collect up to 1,000 yen.

During his life Honda was famous as an inventor. It holds the patent of more than 100 personal inventions. The first, the invention is the technique of making metal radius of a car. At that time the cars in Japan were wearing flammable wooden fingers. Japanese companies soon exported the metal fingers all the way to India. At the age of 25 he earns 1,000 yen a month.

The company also appreciates young people and always recruits young people to give "new blood" and fresh ideas. When Honda resigned in 1973, his chosen replacement was Kyoshi Kawashima, head of Honda's corporate research department. During its history, the Honda company had only experienced a strike once in 1954. At that time Honda and management on the one hand faced the workers and
Honda's sister in the other Party. But as a company in Japan it was solved by deliberation.

Since 1973 Honda has moved into the market of four-wheeled vehicles to continue to grow the company's revenue. His staff, which at the time of Honda increased by 10% every year. If they grow older, it means the burden of wear


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