The Creation of Dogs and the Origin Why Dogs Became Unclean

The Creation of Dogs and the Origin Why Dogs                           Became Unclean

Whatever God commands or forbids there must be a wisdom.

If Allah forbid anything there must be evil in it, if Allah justifies something there must be good in it for the survival of human life on this earth.

Here's a story about the dog's haram:

In the pre-creation period of Adam, God commanded four angels of Muqarrabuun, Gabriel, Mikail, Izrail and Israfil, to collect the four physical elements of material creation / nature of mulk (earth, fire, water and air) from the holiest places to serve as Adam US.

Then God formed Adam's body 'batter' in supine position, still in the form of soil. At this moment, because the spirit has not been blown to him, this human-shaped dough is not yet alive.

At this time, as Adam is a 'prototype' of man, all animals and plants already exist 'prototype' also in heaven. Seeing the dough of the land, Satan reads God's plan to create man.

He was so jealous, and the dough came to this land, and the devil spit on him. This evil spirits fall at the point where our navel is now.

Because of this, angry God (not until wrath, his wrath when the devil refuses to prostrate so the devil is cursed) to Satan, and cast out demons from the 'heavenly realm', and the devil is held in front of the gates of heaven.

Then he sought the mind, how to enter heaven again. Therefore the devil, in his plan, must incite the horse. He incited the king of birds in heaven at that time (shaped like a peacock, but much more beautiful), asked to be smuggled into heaven.

The king of birds called the most beautiful animal in heaven at that time, the Snake. At that time, the snake is still a very beautiful animal and has four legs. The serpent provides his mouth to the devil, and the snake comes back to heaven with a demon in his mouth, bringing the devil into the horse.

The devil instigated the horse by saying, "If the creature (Adam) is created, then until the end of the age the offspring will occupy the back of your descendants."

The horse was furious at this, and run to Adam's dough before, to trample on it. But by the time the horse approached, God took a piece of land, on the part of the spit, and from the ground that was spit on the devil was made into a dog.

This dog drives out a horse, and he, according to God's commandments, guards the dough of Adam's soil until it is revived .-- From this it is understandable why the dog is the most loyal animal to man: for it is created from the same 'dough of the earth' as ​​Adam But the dog is already mixed with the evil spit.

This begins to saliva the dog becomes forbidden. Likewise, the 'cursed' snake carries a poisonous mouth, for it provides its mouth as a smuggling fiend place.

He was cursed with his four legs slashed and slow, and was removed as the most beautiful animal in heaven ever created by God.


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