The Origin of Kitten Kampung


  The Origin of Kitten Kampung

Miacis is a wild animal that looks like a weasel, living in Eocene times about 50 million years ago. Believed this Miacis is the ancestor of all kinds of cats that exist in the world today. The long evolution of cats passes through the thousands of times, producing a wide variety of distinctive types of cats as we know them today.

Domestication cat, or make a cat as a house animal has been known since the Egyptian civilization, about 4000 BC. These home cats are respected, even considered gods. The Ancient Egyptians regarded the cat as the incarnation of the Bast Dew, known as Bastet or Thet. Punishment for the person who kills the cat is also not kidding. The man who killed the cat will be put to death. And if there is a cat that died then the cat will be mummified, just like humans.

Currently the cat became one of the most popular pet in the world. Cats also began to get more attention. International cat lover organizations emerged at the beginning of this century. The National Cat Club is the first official organization of cat lover from England, founded in 1887. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) itself was officially formed in 1906.

The cat lover organization records officially the various cats they call cat breeds or pure breeds such as Siam, Persian, Manx, Sphinx, and others. The cats are usually bred in official veterinary care. They are routinely included in various cat competitions and are highly prized.

However, do you know? The number of 'registered race cats' is only 1% of all cats in the world. The rest are various cats, either pure or unregistered mixtures, regarded as wild cats or cats. Though they are not less beautiful and attractive if treated properly. So, in fact there is no term cats or race cats, the only economic interest that popularized the term. All cats are the same, same cat


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