The story of Mueeza, Kucing Kesayangan Rasulullah SAW

Told in a story, Prophet Muhammad SAW has a cat named Mueeza. One day, when the prophet was about to take his robe, he found Mueeza sleeping peacefully on his cloak. Not wanting to disturb his beloved animal, the Prophet cut off the slits of the arm that Mueeza slept from his cloak. When the Prophet returned home, Muezza woke up and ducked prostrate to his master. In return, the prophet expressed his affection by caressing gently to the tiny body of the cat 3 times.

In other activities, whenever the Prophet receives a guest in his house, the prophet always holds Mueeza and puts his finger on it. One of the characteristics of Mueeza that the prophet loves is that he always meows when he hears the call to prayer, and as if his voice sounds like following the sound of the call to prayer.

To his companions, the prophet advised to love the pet cat, like loving his own family.

The punishment for those who hurt this cute animal is very serious, in a hadith of al-Bukhari, narrated about a woman who never feeds her cat, nor does she let her cat to feed herself, the Prophet also explains that the punishment for this woman is torture hell.

Not only the Prophet, the wife of the Prophet himself, Aisha bint Abu Bakr Ash Shiddiq was very fond of the cat, and felt very lost when left by the cat. A friend who is also an expert on hadith, Abdurrahman bin Sakhr Al Azdi given the nickname Abu Hurairah (father of male cats), because his penchant in caring for and maintaining various cats in his house.


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