ZINA SINAL REINFORCEMENT IN THE WORLD AND                                          THE IMMEDIATE

Rasulullah SAW informs that adultery will be rewarded by Allah when the penzina still live in the world.
Rasulullah SAW said:
"Two (2) evils will be avenged by God when in the world: adultery and rebellion to the mother of the father. (HR Thobaroni)
Among the penalties or replies that will be accepted by the penzina while still in the world and the hereafter are:
1. The Prophet's Sayings:
O Muslims! Avoid acts of adultery krn him there are 6 kinds of danger,
- Three in the world
- And three in the afterlife.
The dangers that will happen to him in the world are:
1. The disappearance of light from his face
2. Shortening of age
3. To perpetuate poverty.
The dangers that will happen in the hereafter are:
1. Wrath of Allah Ta'ala
2. Hisab (calculation) is bad
3. Torture in hell.
(HR Baihaqi)
2. The Prophet's Sayings:
Be careful about adultery. Indeed, in adultery there are six (6) punishments.
- Three in the world
- And three more in the afterlife.
The world is:
1. sustenance will decrease.
2. lost the blessing of life, and
3. the spirit will come out of the body in a closed state from Allah Ta'ala. God will not look to his soul.
The fate that will befall him in the afterlife is:
1. God will look to him with a look of wrath, which causes his face to become black.
2. He will be drawn his face with the chain to hell (fire) the greatest.
3. It will be done carefully and strictly.
Apart from the reward of the world and also the punishment of the Hereafter, there is also the punishment of punishment while in the grave for those who commit adultery while in the world.
3. Rasulullah SAW said:
Whoever saturates his eyes with the unlawful, Allah will fill his eyes with the embers of the Fire of Hell. Whoever commits adultery with women
Which is unlawful for him, God will put it in the tomb with thirst, weeping and sadness. His face will be blackened like dark gelita. At the back of his neck will be hung with a chain link from hell. He will be dressed in a shirt from the fires of hell on his body.
God will not speak to him on the Day of Resurrection.
Nor will He be cleansed (glorified) and for them a very painful Penalty.
Replies and other punishments when in the hereafter are:
4. The Prophet's Sayings:
The three groups of men of God will not speak to them on the Day of Judgment, will not look upon them, nor will they purify them,
Painful tortures, namely:
1. Parents who commit adultery
2. A king who is a liar
3. Poor poor people.
(Muslim and Nasa'I)
This Hadith explains that the reward which will be accepted by the adulterous parents on the Day of Judgment is that God will not speak and look upon them, and they will not be cleansed (forgiven sin) and will be inflicted with a painful punishment punishment.
5. The Prophet's Sayings:
The hell-hell will scream from the overly rotten smell of the adulteress of the adulterer. Between the reward that will be received by the penzina in the hereafter is they will be thrown into hell and their genitals will emit a smell that is so very rotten, causing the other inhabitants of hell to scream anger and feel depressed by the strong and rotten odor. .!
Wa na'uzu bi Allahi min zalik!
6. Rasulullah SAW said:
Penzina, on the Day of Judgment, will come in a state of their genitals burning with fire.
All creatures recognize them because of the stench of too much rotten genitalia. Their faces will be drawn to hell.
When they enter hell, the Malik angels will dress them with a pair of armor from the fires of hell. If the armor was placed on a mountain, it would be melted to ashes.
Malik Malik said: "O all angels, plunge their spies with iron spikes as they look to the unlawful."
Tie their hands with the fires of hell as they do (hug) to the forbidden matter.
Tie their legs off the hell-fire as they walk to the unlawful place.
The angel Zabaniah said: "Yes ... Yes ...!
The Zabaniah angels tied their hands and their legs, and their spies were plugged with hell-nails.
They all screamed and said:
"O all the angels of Zabaniah! Have mercy on us ...! Lighten us from the punishment of punishment for a moment.
"The angel of Zabaniah said:" How we want to love you while the Most Merciful God is so angry with you. "
Such is the fate of the bad for those who commit adultery during the world. Flirt by seduction is ignored.
Punishment and torture continue to punish them.
During Isra 'and Micraj, the Prophet Muhammad saw the recompense received by adulterers
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